Blonde Moment 200

Yes we have hit the two hundred mark!! What of it??!!!

I decided I was too lazy to fight holiday traffic and head to the spa to get a wax. I am having photos done and I would like to be well coiffed for the session.

I had a bottle of hair removal in the cabinet and thought..this is harmless....

Squeeze a bunch on my hand..

slather it all over the tutu and bunny hole

I can't wait to be baby smooth..OH Yeah!!

Ignoring the time limit to make sure I was really smooth..

I started to feel a little tingle

Hmmm...its burning a bit

Hmmm..maybe I should rinse

Ummm..nope..wait a few more seconds....

OK..it kinda really burns now

Ok.. rinse now...Rinse Now!!!


I burned my tutu off ...

burned the tutu like someone set a match to it!!

Blondes need to follow directions!

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