GroWn Ups in Costume aRe CrEepY

I don't dress up, not to be a bum but because I have seen what y'all look like at the parties. That oil make up on the big old pores and wrinkles and then you drink and then your face smears and..Holy Shiat..you lke Stephen Kings 'It' clown melting in front of my eyes..its not pretty..its down right scary..
You probably scare the dickens out of your own kids coming home all stinkedified in that polyester outfit, twisted up hair wigs that have been dipped more than twice in someone's goblin punch and that melted face paint.
Im scared just thinking about it..this year toss a couple of baby dolls over shoulder tied with string, short t-shirt that doesn't cover your but and boots...there..now your Britney Dam Spears

Now...Stop scaring the blonde!!

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