Granola mentality at Whole Foods

I think anything can be taken too far, don't you?

The other morning I was on my way to read a script and stopped at Whole Foods to get a cup of tea. I perused the glass case of saran wrapped egg biscuits under the artificial heat lamp. I watched the workers scurry behind the counter making the coffee and putting the plastic lids on - that every morning probably top the landfill by a couple of inches - not that any of this bothers me much...

What bothers me is the reaction from the chick behind the counter after I asked what she thought was a most absurd question.

"Where is the sweet and low?"

My question was returned with an immediate response that seemed to resonate with a little hostility behind the voice.

"We don't have artificial sweetener. We Have Zillertal!"


Awfully synthetic name for such a natural sweetener wouldn't you say?
"We also have nectar." huffed the counter chick proudly.

I took the Zillertal which by the way is the European equivalent of  Equal - a artificial sweetener dervied from synthetically mastered plant extract.

Give a blonde a break before her morning coffee!!

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