I have changed occupations

No longer do i find it funny to play the dead hooker for necrophiliacs.

And quite frankly, the last time I played it...I ended up laughing.

Me, laughing!!!

How the hell did that happen.

Definitely not because I felt a tickle but very large sense of amusement that rushed over my dead and cold body and actually made me laugh.

Weird. I never did that before.

Certainly gave the gentleman a fright. He went to call the police and will I could not be locked up in a morgue so I had to banish him.

No worries, you will not miss him. he was one of the 1% who lived abroad and fighting extradition.


I need my coffin for a new occupation.

I am a money mover.

I can book flights for my coffin and place money under the satin silk lining. Dogs do sniff but when they open the lid, BAM!!

They see me.

A few have freaked. Not the dogs...the guards.

Many stare and say what a pretty corpse I am. And how sad it was I died so young.


Tends to get around the airport security circuit and security is less inclined to disturb the dead anymore. I am jut another dead chick in a coffin with a flight tag in a luggage compartment holding millions in diamonds, gold and cash.

I can only do this until I have hit all the airports...a duplicate visit would surely be noticed.

My minion is still with me. Vlad...what would I do with out the little gremlin?

A modern day dead smuggle I am

I am enjoying the job.

I get paid well and if I am crossed?

Well, that would be stupid.

Who would cross me and live to tell the tale?

Cartel deaths you read in the paper. Missing money.


Well, I speculate just like you.

The Blonde has not ventured into Mexico yet but I guess I should hurry.

I hear the Mexicans are building a wall to keep Trump out.

PS. The blonde needs to get back to work.

Catch you later alligatorous minds!


My Father died

My Father died last year.

I watched outside the window.

As per my Father's wishes, he was brought home to die. Unfortunately, Seton Hospital cared more about the money and less abut my Dad.

Those cruel, catholic bitches held on to him until the last moment to reap every cent they could from his insurance. Then, they sent him home only hours before he would die to keep their mortality rate low.

They charged over $200,000 to feed him and drugged him enough to slowly let him die.

When my Dad had IBM insurance, he was treated like a King, as he should have been.
But Obama care changed his insurance and allowed IBM to drop him under the Affordable Care Act and put him under Medicare.

Seton treated him like dirt, took his money and then sent him home to die.

What is worse is my older sister who was there to hurry his death along.

She is a nurse and took over his care. Only she was too wacked out to properly care for him. He was not home for more than 15 minute before she went right into cleaning his private parts and than rolled him over in a frantic way making him gurgle for air.

You could hear the life being sucked out of him by her. She was hateful and angry and definitely pilfering his drugs!

Seton was killing him slowly for the money
and my sister killed him quickly so she could make her flight back home with a cache of my Father's pain meds.

While he was in hospital, I saw my little sister and big sister just rifle through things at his and my Mother's home, just taking what they wanted.

As I watched outside and through the windows...

My sisters came out onto the veranda and I heard their echos

My Father should just be cremated just so it would be more convenient than visiting his grave.

My Father was catholic and wanted to be buried in a military cemetery.

My son wanted to bury him in the proper uniform but my sisters and my Mother and some trashy chick named Trixie robbed him of properly honoring his Grandfather.

I believe my Father was set to rest barefoot and half a uniform.

I could not hold my son nor be there for him.

He already buried me and now his Grandfather.

And those evil witches of sisters took my Father's dignity away and my son's right to honor the man that loved him beyond anyone else.

All this from outside the virtual window I must watch.

This is why I went to Tibet.

I wanted to go on a murderous rage and kill my own sisters.

But, what good would that do..the damage was done.

I had to find peace.

I would have loved to have eaten the souls of her children but I am fairly certain it would have left a bad taste in my soul.

I will revenge my son.

I will not kill anyone. I learned in Tibet to modify my hunger and use it other ways that have made me more powerful.


I can do things.

Want to know what?

You have to keep reading

The Blonde is working hard at being more human but with subtle powers!


What makes you unique?

Is it not funny that there are websites out there trying to tell you how to answer this question?

What makes you unique is a difficult question indeed.

But you have to answer this one on your own without guidance or help, otherwise it is just a guided answer and not truth.

I do not have a difficult time answering that question these days. I know what makes me unique.

BUT and a giant BUT...but...

What made me unique before all this happened to me?

What made me....me?

I liked building things without looking at the instructions.

 I liked bringing computers that most said were dead, back to life.

I liked that I never gave up



uncomfortable quiet

The last statement was a lie and in Tibet - I learned never to lie to myself and that means never lying to others.

I gave up many times and tried many ways to say goodbye to this world.

I can't help but think I am in purgatory and this is my hell for trying to 'off myself' on several occasions. But I was young and stupid and not strong.

I look back at that time and it was just a mixed up youth who was experimenting with death. Sort of like girls who mess around with the 'lady pond?' as it is so grossly called these days by reality TV stars.

Do not follow in these hideous people's footsteps...It is not reality TV. It is hate TV and it is what brought about Trump for Prez.

He is a nasty, spoiled, rich punk like the fat baby adult running North Korea who both are not unlike those who paid me to have a necrophiliac experience. In fact I might venture to say they resembled some of my clients.

but a good, high-end, dead, call girl takes everything to her grave.

More later mortals!

Trump babies probably taste like steak wrapped in plastic and soaked in preservative.



Hello Mortal Kit Kats

I have been dormant a long time but it is time to come back out of my coffin and hit the world again with a veracious appetite for mortal evil.

I did spend time underground trying to subdue my appetite for babies souls. I went to Tibet for awhile and found I am selective in the souls of babies that I feed off of. Tibet children will always be safe from my hunger. Which means I can control this part of me.

Most flavorful souls come from bad parents who will raise bad children and I find most, surprisingly enough, not all in the westernized states. I find my best souls in the hospitals located in.....

Well, let me not give you a google map of my feasts, for that would alert authorities and I must keep a low profile.

I do still love the taste of corrupt polizia...and feel it does good to take a few out unnoticed.


I am headed to Paris and Milan. I need to shop for new clothes and I see the eighties are back. Why?

I will be back in the states in the blink of a dead eye and have lots to talk about.

Did I mention I became a Countess of several countries before retreating into my coffin cubbie?

Blondead is Back!!!



The Blonde is working through it.......been gone a long time..but I am back.

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