I Am Invisible Now

I realize that.

I am OK these days writing for myself.

It is a lonely world I live in; it is an isolated box that circumstances built around me. And for the most part, I allowed it to happen.

BUT, while I may be the walking dead, my mind is very much alive with memories, past discretion, unrequited love from my side and theirs and the thought of what could have been.

I dwell now in the past only because I have not future other than the one where I stay permanently 28 forever which becomes increasingly irritating when pub crawling.

Flirting ensues and then inevitably the age question pops up and I am a sucker for a stunned face..and


they are gone

I would write more tonight but I have no longer decided to feed off of babies and blood and hoping that will be the cure to my ills.

If you thought you wanted to live forever than think again....its not what you think it is

Things like money and youth come at a price or so says the dead blonde


A new year does not mean the past is wiped clean

I can not change all that has happened but I think this year, I would like to wrte about the things I missed when I was alive.

And when I say missed...I mean the little innuendos and passive aggressive behaviors of all the saw me as a threat to them.

I guess I find it funny now that I am really a threat and back then...

Well, I was just a single Mom looking for acceptance and never got it.

I was a pretty blonde who didn't think she was so pretty to be a threat but I can;t help other's insecurities.

The Blonde is revisiting her past this year!

Stay tuned!!!
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