It is Hallow's Eve and you would think....

....that an undead like me might appreciate this ghoulish tradition but I do not.

I do not like adults who where costumes. I hate the make up they wear that melts under the alcohol and sweat fest of partying. I find it quite grotesque.

Funny I should find things so grotesque after the things I have done but that is where we are now.

Where I am now.

I no longer have the hatred and hunger I once felt for killing people.

It as become boring to me so now I have taken up other hobbies.

I  live quite a normal life now. The Count and Countess I killed a while ago ensured my financial future and now I can play the part as an active citizen with only the occasional need to hurt bad people.

I am still pissed about losing my coffin.

Houston has plenty of them for me to keep interested in them.

Tonight, I am staying in. Why on earth would I need a costume. My costume is being a human that shops at grocery stores and malls to keep up appearances.

I occasionally go to Austin to see the family that I can't have see me.

I look and watch from a distance and I am only glad my heart can't beat to feel the pain but I...

have something there I can't explain.

One day

one night

one ever

I will find a way

One would think

Happy Halloween...it is a good time to kill someone and leave them on the front porch and not get caught

Just kidding

I am over that for now

The Blondead will treat herself to normal tonight


I Didn't Ask for this life

but I got it....
 and I certainly did not ask to live this undead life....

 but I have it.

I think about my son. He is the only thing that keeps this world real to me.

There is not anything I can't create for him now. I can kill anyone, take their money, their soul, and give it to him.

One problem!

He won't take it.

Every opportunity I create to make his life a wealthy one, he shuns.

Why won't he take what I offer him?

Why does he not see me?

What do I need to do to see his life has everything mine did not?

The blindead will find away.

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