Still waiting for fire and ashes

I am over the anger phase and now just calm and quiet and waiting until that moment where the world ceases to exist as I know it....

I have traded in killing for some sexual devencies but it still does not feed my destructive mode.....

I will find something that does.

BTW...i finally got around to claiming my coffin from customs...

The story llater

The blonde is being a busy biatch



that is how I feel...this world is such bullshit.

You are all bullshit!

I can't wait until the deed is done and over...

Why wait when I have tomorrow

I thought I wanted to be prolific and send out messages to tell you to be better but I can see, your all the same and trapped in this hideous mental hypocricy...

Checking out now


Last post unless some cruel enigma makes me immune to fire and ashes
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