The Perfect Storm

Everyone is dying. And than your God brought this incredibly beautiful hurricane storm. The lightening bolt crashed against the wall in my courtyard.

Evil was let through and it is hard to close the door.

The wind whipped and left the door too heavy to close.

So they kept breezing in.

The darkest comes before the dawn. Are we sure the dawmm has come. A pretty sun does not make it true.

I know my purpose now.

I don't like many humans. Quite frankly, many of you are selfish and so unaware of yourself that I don;t mind you getting whipped up by the storm.

But I have one human that I need to protect.

All of my dead still can;t kill the one thing I loved most in this entire world.

And for him, I will kick evil's ass for now.

But don't be so sure I won't kill a waist of a life just to get them off this earth.


Go Away!!!


Stop it!!

The dark cloud tht came my way has left but I felt it while it was here.

It cast grey over everything.

I forgot that I wanted to e good and I went to the darker force and he...
He just has a way of pulling me into the dark grey abyss.

I am sorry for the fat cop killing. I feel bad I was angry about them.

I apologie but I reall yam not sorry.

Certain cops are mean and they pick on those who have not been in trouble and seem to get off on it so....I


I am not sorry

I liked killing the fat cop

but now

the dark cloud has left

He is not here anyomore and I want to do good

ad I mean good without killing

You ave to forgive me for struggling

I had to leave my family, freinds, home, life because I was not growing old properly.

When your kid is the same age as you biop-metrically...

It does not make sense,

SO yes,
I arbor anger....

I hate to see my son cry at my tombstone.

I told him not bury me...I aksed that I be forgotten but he can't

and I see him every time when he visits a grave that is empty and all I want to do

is tell him



but I can't and so
OK a bloody mess for a biit

I am still pissed about my coffin and the stupid Duke and his bitchy wife...

I don't know my place

I don;t know where I belong and I have no friends and my
wing man had to go...

he told too many people and I had to kill him

Oh fuck......I am sorry..I wish I knew how to kill myslef so this could be all voer but everything I have tried has failed

Undead out for now....

PS..I could care less about proper writing so you dicks that send me typo errors...join my kill list!!!!!
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